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PolaVisor® - The first visor with a Polarized Filter guaranteed to dramatically reduce glare over 90% while rendering razor sharp vision clarity.
The lens of PolaVisor is constructed with three layers of special optical material including a Polarized Filter. The same or similar Polarized Lens is used to produce highly sophisticated optical equipment such as telescopes, camera lenses etc. including expensive sunglasses.

We guarantee PolaVisor offers superior quality and reduces glare over 90%.

Unique technology makes PolaVisor® affordable.

Polarizer has been around since the 1930s, but total costs of manufacturing polarized lens have been very high - a major reason why no automotive polarized visors have previously appeared. Our unique technology of producing polarized lenses without compromising its quality and efficiency enables us to charge only a fraction of what would normally be charged. Considering the fact that lenses of PolaVisor® are the same polarized material used to produce high quality sunglasses (which cost several hundred dollars per pair), PolaVisor® is a real bargain.

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Warning: PolaVisor is for day driving only!

We do not recommend PolaVisor for night driving as the glare caused by car headlights is different from glare caused by sunlight.

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